Rock the Cure for MS
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Our Story

Ever had a great friend from your childhood?  That’s what Kara Pastor and Ann Larmore have been for more than 30 years.  Growing up swimming and diving every summer together created a life long friendship.  With great friends, powerful things can happen.


In 2001 Ann started having issues seeing out of her left eye.  After going to the eye doctor, she learned she had optic neuritis.  She also learned this could be the start of a disease called Multiple Sclerosis.  After many other weird things (such as numbness in the right side of her face, burning sensation in her feet and issues with her right hand), 2 neurologists, 2 spinal taps and many MRI’s later, the diagnosis was confirmed.  In January of 2002, Ann was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 


Kara and Chuck Pastor have been owners of Chop’s Steaks & Seafood in Fort Wayne Indiana since 2003.  Very supportive of several philanthropies, Ann knew Kara & Chuck would be up for the challenge to use their restaurant and talents to help raise money for the Indiana State Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 


In 2007, Ann and Kara launched the first Chop’s MS Wine Tasting & Silent Auction with the slogan “Luck is not enough to cure MS”.  The St. Patty’s Day themed event raises money for research to find a cure for MS.


Please join us on March 13, 2016 to 'Rock the Cure' and end the devastating affects of MS.  Come to Chop's Steaks & Seafood:  drink some great wine, bid on some great silent auction items and help us find a cure for MS. 


As the Beatles would say, I get by with a little help from my friends.


                                                                                                  Kara and Chuck Pastor, Owners
                                                                                                  Chop's Steaks & Seafood  

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